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Mercury/Universal Music Group B0007332-02 (USA, 10/10/2006)
Universal Music Group IMS B0007332-02 (UK, 11/20/2006)


01. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II (5:21) - Ballard/Stanley/Simmons/Ezrin
02. Unholy (3:43) - Simmons/Vincent
03. Domino (Live) (3:49) - Simmons
04. Hate (4:37) - Simmons/Van Zen/Kulick
05. Childhood's End (4:21) - Simmons/Thayer/Kulick
06. I Will Be There (3:50) - Stanley/Kulick/Cuomo
07. Comin' Home (Unplugged) (2:51) - Stanley/Frehley
08. Got To Choose (Unplugged) (3:33) - Stanley
09. Psycho Circus (Edit) (4:51) - Stanley/Cuomo
10. Into The Void (4:22) - Frehley/Cochran
11. I Pledge Allegience... (3:33) - Stanley/Knight/Cuomo
12. Nothing Can Keep Me From You (4:03) - Warren


Another compilation, this time a third installment in Universal's "20th Century Masters" series, covering material released during the 1990s. The original release date of 10/10/06 was officially pushed back to 11/21/06, however the album was found in retail markets during October. Tracks 1, 2, and 4 are new masters, meaning they're louder than the original CD versions, in the case of 4 brutally so. While the "Psycho Circus" tracks are 1db less loud than the original versions they're clipped so badly to reduce the loudness. Whomever mastered those tracks should be ashamed of themselves. Track 3 is from the new remaster of "Alive III." Unfortunately, like previous releases, track 08 has the end of the song cut off for some reason and is clipped, though at least the mastering jobs on track 7 is better than that on the box set. Track 9 is an edit sans the "circus" introduction. Track 12 is also badly clipped compared to the box set and OST version. There's nothing new on here, but the package will be cheap, so those who didn't bother buying the "Box Set" or "DRC" can have "Got To Choose" (Unplugged) and "Nothing Can Keep Me From You."

This release also breaks the mould of the previous volumes in the series that featured material that was predominantly single/video supported. It includes oddities such as "Hate" and "Childhood Ends" off "Carnival Of Souls" instead of the singles: "Jungle" and "Master And Slave," though "Hate" was considered for release as a single at one point. Additionally, "Shout It Out Loud" (1996 Live) version is ommited. As "Greatest KISS" is now deleted from the US catalog the only source for this recording is the "Box Set." Oh well, silly me. Strange that a version of "Rock And Roll All Nite" couldn't be found from a 90s release to include on this album ;)

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Had sold 11,000 by March 2012 according to SoundScan.


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