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Mercury/PolyGram 838-913-1/2/4 (US, 10/17/89)
Vertigo/PolyGram 838-913-1/2/4 (UK, 10/17/89)
PolyStar PHCR-6118 (Japan, 10/89)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3858 (Japan, 6/9/05 - Reissue)
Universal Music UICY-6475 (Japan, 10/18/06 - Reissue)


A1. Rise To It (4:08) - Stanley/Halligan | LYRICS
(USA #81, 6/9/90)
A2. Betrayed (3:38) - Simmons/Thayer | LYRICS
A3. Hide Your Heart (4:25) - Stanley/Child/Knight | LYRICS
(USA #66, 11/25/89; AUZ #76; UK #59)
A4. Prisoner Of Love (3:52) - Simmons/Kulick | LYRICS
A5. Read My Body (3:48) - Stanley/Halligan | LYRICS
A6. Love's A Slap In The Face (4:04) - Simmons/Poncia | LYRICS
A7. Forever (3:52) - Stanley/Bolton | LYRICS
(USA #8, 2/3/90; AUZ #38; CAN #18; UK #65)
A8. Silver Spoon (4:38) - Stanley/Poncia | LYRICS
B1. Cadillac Dreams (3:44) - Simmons/Poncia | LYRICS
B2. King Of Hearts (4:26) - Stanley/Poncia | LYRICS
B3. The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away (3:34) - Simmons/Thayer | LYRICS
B4. You Love Me To Hate You (4:00) - Stanley/Child | LYRICS
B5. Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell (3:52) - Simmons/Poncia | LYRICS
B6. Little Caesar (3:08) - Carr/Simmons/Mitchell | LYRICS
B7. Boomerang (3:30) - Simmons/Kulick | LYRICS


Produced by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Recorded at The Fortress, Hollywood, CA, by Pat Regan and Mikey Davis; July - August 1989. Mixed by Dave Wittman at Cherokee Studio, Los Angeles, CA; August 1989. This album was essentially a collection of cleaned up and enhanced demos raising the possibility of non-KISS musicians being buried in the mix.

Performance credits:

Rise To It - Paul Stanley on slide guitar
Betrayed - Tommy Thayer plays some acoustic & electric guitars
The Street Giveth, And The Street Taketh Away - Tommy Thayer plays some acoustic & electric guitars
Little Caesar - Eric Carr on bass/vocals, Bruce Kulick on all guitars
Forever - Bruce Kulick on bass, Phil Ashley on keyboards
Prisoner Of Love - Jesse Damon on backing vocals
Hide Your Heart - Phil Ashley on keyboards
Silver Spoon - Charlotte Crossley, Valerie Pinkston, and Kim Edwards-Brown on backing vocals
Cadillac Dreams - Pat Regan and Paul Stanley on 'brass'
Read My Body - Eric Singer is rumored to play drums
King Of Hearts - Kevin Valentine is rumored to play drums
You Love Me To Hate You - Kevin Valentine is rumored to play drums
** Since this album was comprised of "beefed" up demos, it is also suggested that Eric Singer appears on some of Paul's songs.

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #29 (11/25/89) with 36 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #46; SWE #29; SWZ #23.


"Hot in the Shade" was certified gold by the RIAA on 12/20/89. It has sold over 116,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan(r) era commenced in 1991. The album was certified gold and platinum by the CRIA (Canada) for sales of 100,000 copies on 1/30/90.

Performed Live:

The 33% performed percentage seems low, though with 15 songs that still meant that five songs were performed off the album: "Forever" was the first, debuting in March 1990. "Rise To It," "Betrayed," and "Hide Your Heart" followed on April 14. Finally, "Little Caesar" had its single performance on April 25, though it was still being rehearsed prior to the start of the "Hot in the Shade" tour. "Betrayed" only survived two shows before being permanently dropped. "Hide Your Heart" had also been performed live by Paul Stanley during his 1989 solo tour and was resurrected for his 2006/7 tours.


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