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ALIVE IV (Original Album, 2001/08/14)


Mercury/PolyGram (USA, variously anticipated 2000-02, then cancelled)
Mercury/Island Def Jam Music Group B002035101-A (USA, 5/27/2014 - 180g vinyl)


01. Psycho Circus (5:33) - Stanley/Cuomo
02. Shout It Out Loud (3:16) - Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin
03. Deuce (3:45) - Simmons
04. Heaven's On Fire (4:14) - Stanley/Child
05. Into The Void (4:25) - Frehley/Cochran
06. Firehouse (3:59) - Stanley
07. Do You Love Me? (3:54) - Stanley/Ezrin/Fowley
08. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll (5:16) - Simmons/Stanley
09. I Love It Loud (3:24) - Cusano/Simmons
10. Lick It Up (4:39) - Stanley/Vincent
11. 100,000 Years (5:47) - Simmons/Stanley
12. Love Gun (4:17) - Stanley
13. Black Diamond (5:28) - Stanley
14. Beth (2:42) - Criss/Penridge/Ezrin
15. Rock and Roll All Nite (5:40) - Simmons/Stanley
16. 2,000 Man* (5:30) - Jagger/Richards
17. God Of Thunder* (4:55) - Stanley
18. Detroit Rock City* (4:58) - Stanley/Ezrin

2014 Vinyl Release:
A1. Psycho Circus (5:33) - Stanley/Cuomo
A2. Shout It Out Loud (3:16) - Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin
A3. Deuce (3:45) - Simmons
A4. Heaven's On Fire (4:14) - Stanley/Child
A5. Into The Void (4:25) - Frehley/Cochran
B1. Firehouse (3:59) - Stanley
B2. Do You Love Me? (3:54) - Stanley/Ezrin/Fowley
B3. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll (5:16) - Simmons/Stanley
B4. 2,000 Man (5:30) - Jagger/Richards
C1. God Of Thunder (4:55) - Stanley
C2. I Love It Loud (3:24) - Cusano/Simmons
C3. Lick It Up (4:39) - Stanley/Vincent
C4. 100,000 Years (5:47) - Simmons/Stanley
D1. Love Gun (4:17) - Stanley
D2. Black Diamond (5:28) - Stanley
D3. Detroit Rock City* (4:58) - Stanley/Ezrin
D4. Beth (2:42) - Criss/Penridge/Ezrin
D5. Rock and Roll All Nite (5:40) - Simmons/Stanley


Produced by KISS. Recorded at BC Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada, December 31, 1999/2000. Recorded by Pete McCabe. Mixed by James "Jimbo" Barton, assisted by Patrick Thrasher, at Encore Studios, Burbank, CA.

The status of KISS Alive 4 was very much in flux for an extended period. The album was originally announced in late 1999. While numerous shows were recorded for the album, notably the New Year's Show in Vancouver, the album was apparently not even mixed and delivered to the band's label in time for the first release date in conjunction with the "Farewell Tour." Rumors suggested that the delay was due to issues arising out of the merger between KISS' label, Universal Music Group, by the European Vivendi conglomorate, which resulted in KISS being moved to the Def Jam label. Gene (allegedly) did not like that, so politics and business put the album on hold indefinately. Other rumors suggested that the album was rejected by the label due to poor quality. Paul even commented in April 2000, "We missed our deadline and we're still in midst of it" (KISS Online), suggesting that work was still required to get the album into a state fit for release. The album was eventually released as part of the "Alive Box" in 2006, with the originally planned *Japanese bonus tracks being used for Best Buy and iTunes editions of the albums. Some print ads for the album even indicated that "Hard Luck Woman" would be included on the album!

THIS ALBUM WAS EVENTUALLY RELEASED AS "Alive - The Millennium Concert" as part of the KISS Alive! boxset in 2006, as a stand-alone digital download in 2008, and finally on vinyl in 2014. The vinyl issue track-order was resequenced to properly incorporate the three previous bonus tracks.


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