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June 28, 1996


Detroit, MI
Tiger Stadium
Promoter: Brass Ring Productions
Opening act(s): Alice in Chains, Sponge
Reported attendance: 39,867 **SOLD-OUT
Reported gross: $1,561,953

Set list(s):

King Of The Night Time World
Do You Love Me?
Calling Dr. Love
Cold Gin
Christine Sixteen
Love Gun
Shout It Out Loud
Watchin' You
2,000 Man
Shock Me
Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
Rock Bottom
God Of Thunder
Peter Criss Drum Solo
New York Groove
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
100,000 Years
Rock And Roll All Nite
Detroit Rock City
Black Diamond


- First full-scale "Reunion" concert in the only place it could have started: The "Rock City!" Tickets for the show sold-out in a stunning 47-minutes on April 20. Bruce Redoute and Lee Neaves, the teenagers who held the KISS sign on the back cover of the "Alive!" album, were given tickets to this show by a radio station.
- Ace recounted that he felt like the Beatles at Shea Stadium when he stepped out on stage at the start of the concert. Ted Nugent had offered to join the band onstage for "Detroit Rock City," but was shot-down by the band. According to Gene, "The kids would crucify us, are you kidding? They don't want to see anybody else on that stage, period. It doesn't matter if you're Elvis" (Detroit Free Press, 6/23/96).
- Alice in Chains were late replacements for originally scheduled opening act, Stone Temple Pilots, who had to drop off the tour due to "health" reasons. On April 29 a Los Angeles Superior Court judge had ordered lead singer Scott Weiland to "spend at least the next four months at a drug-treatment center" (Billboard, 5/11/96). KISS didn't dump STP immediately, though it eventually became clear that they wouldn't be able to play the date.
- From a local review: "There's nothing much to love about the music of KISS. Sure, it's loud and raucous, but so is an elephant falling down the stairs while managing to crush a guitar or two. Sometimes ragged rock is OK. Punk is sloppy, but that's intentional. KISS tries hard to be good. It's not. You had to cringe when the normally sedate Frehley took the mike for the Rolling Stones' '2,000 Man.' What followed were three minutes of missed changes, flat vocals and harmonies that plopped themselves atop the mix like rotten mayo on stale bread. Frehley shines on lead guitar, which is why the breaks in hot songs like 'Strutter' and 'Rock Bottom' occasionally hinted at rock 'n' roll transcendence. For every passable solo, though, came songs like 'Shock Me,' with a performance thrilling only because of the dangerous possibility it would fall apart at any second. But, hey, bad music is why God invented pyrotechnics and other brands of flash" (Detroit Free Press, 6/29/96).
- From a media review: "Sure, KISS suck, but give them a little credit -- they've sucked for more than 20 years. Surviving has meant the band has lived long enough to see its influence on the next generation, which perhaps explains the shocking spectacle of Billy Corgan and Sebastian Bach bonding backstage. So, OK, maybe KISS don't suck. And in their defense, it should be shouted out loud that they were one of the first bands to embrace fully the notion of rock as a show, thus putting them ahead of the curve that would soon bring us Cats and the re-emergence of Las Vegas as the new American capital" (Rolling Stone #740).
- The screen-projection filming from this show was released on "KISSology, Volume III" in 2007.

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